Invivo 3150 Magnitude MRI Monitor Full System


INVIVO 3150 MAGNITUDE MRI Vital Signs Monitor provides the operator with ECG, Respiration, SP02, and (Optional) Invasive Pressure monitoring. Full control of patient monitoring is provided via the INVIVO Millennia 3155A/3155MVS Monitor equipped with MRI shielding and set to Remote Communication Mode.
Among other features the Magnitude 3150M MRI Monitor includes “Digital Signal Processing” (DSP) and an “MRI View DSP provides improved ECG performance and reduction of MRI gradient artifact. The “MRI View Mode” provides Adaptive ECG Gradient Filtering techniques for enhanced ECG display during MRI sequences. Every feature of the 3150M is synchronized via wireless 2.4 Ghz technology with the remote monitor which means this unit is portable and requires no expensive installation.
This system includes fiber optic finger SpO2 sensor, ECG Patient Leads, NIBP cuff, hoses and etCO2 Sampling Kit. This system has been tested, repaired and cosmetically re-conditioned. warranty is 6 months. Easy to use cardiac and peripheral gating interface can be adapted to leading MRI systems.
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