The MAG Medical Difference

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, our thoroughness, and our quality service and repairs.

Every piece of equipment is thoroughly tested and inspected prior to leaving our facility. We Sell and Service New and Pre-Owned medical and veterinary equipment, globally. MAG Medical Equipment has implemented a new multi-step Quality Control verification process.

Preventative Maintenance (also known as a PM):

  • Preventative maintenance: “The care and servicing by trained personnel for the purpose of maintaining equipment and facilities in satisfactory operating condition by providing for systematic inspection, detection, and correction of incipient failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects.” (US Department of Defense, 2005)”
  • Routine maintenance can help hospitals, veterinary facilities, research facilities, colleges, and surgical facilities operate more efficiently
  • Ensures the medical equipment is measuring and operating, within manufacturers specifications
  • Eliminating medical equipment down-time can increase facility revenue and operating efficiency
  • Scheduled PM’s help facilities avoid interruptions in daily operations and down-time. Maintenance helps reduce the long-term equipment cost
  • Annual, bi-annual, and monthly PM’s can be scheduled depending on industry, manufacturer, and customers preference
  • If the equipment does not pass the manufacturers PM, we issue repair proposals to get the unit operating and back into circulation. This includes parts replacements and recommendations
  • We thoroughly test the equipment and calibrate it when necessary. This process includes our certification/inspection paperwork, if requested

Electrical Safety Inspections (also known as an ESI):

  • The main purpose of performing an ESI on medical equipment is to ensure patient safety
  • Our ESIs include testing equipment for internal breakdowns, properly ground points, leakage currents, opens, physical damage, exposed wires, broken fuses, damaged power cords, and AC main feeds.
  • Documentation (including an ESI test sheet, serial numbers, make, models etc.), and inspection stickers are included with our services
  • We provide ESIs to hospitals, specialized clinics, private practices, chiropractic facilities, physical therapy facilities, veterinary facilities, tattoo parlors, and many more, on a regular basis
  • MAG Medical Equipment provides ESIs to some of Idaho’s biggest medical facilities
  • It’s important to administer regular ESIs at your facility to make certain that you’re meeting applicable codes of standards
  • Any piece of equipment that does not pass the ESI will come with a repair proposal to get the unit operating and back into circulation

Installation and Training:

  • Our experienced biomedical engineers have traveled all over the United States and Canada
  • We can provide on-site training and installation
  • FaceTime / Skype training also available