Invivo MR400


Invivo MR400

For versatility, the second IP5 DCU is highly recommended. The second DCU comes with a printer which enables the user to print trends, patient data, and allows the facility to control the system from the comfort of the control room.

This system provides the operator with ECG, Respiration, SpO2, NIBP, and EtCO2 monitoring. Full control of the patient monitoring (and alarms) is provided via the wireless remote IP5 Display Controller Unit (DCU).

Fully refurbished, calibrated and (CBET) Biomed tested.

-(Agents or Anesthetic gas monitoring – Additional $500)

-(Invasive Blood Pressure monitoring – Additional $500)

-(Temperature monitoring – MRI temperature cable included – Additional $1500)

The IP5 DCU must remain behind the 1000 Gauss Line (with 1.5T MRI), unless the printer is removed. WPU base behind the 5000 Gauss Line (with 1.5T MRI). The MR400 works with up to 3.0 Tesla MRI systems.

Included with the system:
– WPU base MR400 Monitor
– Mounted DCU monitor
– Control room wireless color Display Monitor with integrated dual channel recorder
– ECG wireless 2.4 GHz ECG module
– ECG lead cable + Standard/Neo Quadtrode electrodes (5 each starter kit)
– SpO2 Wireless 2.4 GHz Pulse Oximeter (SpO2) module
– SpO2 fiber optic cable and SpO2 Grip
– Non-Invasive Blood Pressure with dual hose + Infant, Ped/Child Cuffs, and dual hose Neo cuffs
– Single-Lumen Neonatal NIBP hose w/ assorted neonatal NIBP cuffs
– EtCO2 water trap and sample line kit
– Includes batteries – DCU and Base (4x)
– Wireless Modules Battery Charger (for ECG and SpO2 wireless modules)
– Batteries for wireless modules (4x)
– Power supplies for WPU and DCU with cables
– User Notes
– System Documentation

Note: 2 DCU System

This MR400 System is refurbished and tested “Biomed Certified with Documents” by certified Biomed Technician. 1-year warranty on defective parts, accessories excluded (damage and freight excluded from warranties). 90-day warranty on wireless modules. Extended warranty available

*Unit comes with MAG User Notes and Instructions*

*Due to the current global situation, on-site install is not available at this time but we offer free virtual training with a Certified Biomed via Facetime, Skype, or Zoom.*

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