Invivo Precess 3160 MRI Monitor Full System


Invivo 3160 Precess MRI – Compatible Patient Monitoring System. Included with the Precess is one wireless remote DCU monitor, that displays patient vital signs. The Precess System monitors patient ECG, SpO2, NIBP and EtCO2. The ECG and SpO2 sensor modules are wireless, with short cables that attach to the patient. The Precess has the latest MRI technology from Invivo / Philips. A System includes: 1) 3160 Precess – Base Monitor (the base is on wheels that allows the unit to be mobile). 2) One DCU Remote Monitor 3) One wireless SpO2 and ECG Sensor Module 4) NIBP cuffs and hoses 5) EtCO2 Sampling Kit with water trap 6) New batteries for sensor modules and base unit, with charger, power supplies, and cables. The Precess and DCU monitors have an 8 hour battery life. This Precess System is reconditioned and tested “Patient Ready” by certified Biomed Technician. Six month warranty on defective parts, accessories excluded. Extended warranty is available.

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